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Third Times A Charm by billiespimpcess
Third Times A Charmby Kiera
Jaiiden is not your average human being. In fact she's not human at all. She's from another planet. She was on a mission with her most trusted friend to destroy the enem...
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Turtle, Puppy, and a Flower God by Honey_stop
Turtle, Puppy, and a Flower Godby Honey_stop
"Let me sleep." "Yoonie! Been three hours!" "What's that smell?" "Hobi make flowers." Yoongi's life is painstakingly numb, or it...
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The Road We Took by Policecopoklol
The Road We Tookby Policecopoklol
Adam Jacoby has been in love with his two best friends ever since he met them. The cute and friendly Marco Sertz caught his attention; along with the intelligent and obl...
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Do you love me more then Youtube?   (WillNe x Memeulous x Male reader) by lakonmitchel4317
Do you love me more then lakonmitchel4317
A surprise letter arrives at your door containing the wildest of dream. You also have a skill with birds, something memeulous has just bought and needs taming. What will...
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Paradise by paradisecanbetorture
Paradiseby Paradise Torture
Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are in the world's most popular boy band, One Direction. They were the ship of dreams but something threw them off. A simple tweet that...
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Elven Princess  by taycampradt
Elven Princess by taycampradt
When an elven princess comes to Hogwarts to learn how to use her magic, many things will happen. But is love one?
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Two for One by DebbieGoelz
Two for Oneby Debbie Goelz
Carri Rogers is in love with two men. It's all been fine, but now that they've asked her to choose one of them. How does she carve away half of her heart and survive?
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Family War by belle7071
Family Warby belle7071
Family war Kuroko no basket x Avengers Summary All the GOM and Kagami knew they were different, that there was more to their backgrounds than what they knew. They were u...
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Lonely Thoughts by ScaredandScarred
Lonely Thoughtsby Katie
As one is in a 3 way relationship things get hard at times. Though, one has to remember that there are three within the relationship not just two. Think positively and t...
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One Kiss Changes Everything (George Shelley/Jaymi Hensley) by 5SOS_Look_So_Perfect
One Kiss Changes Everything ( Sophie Stark
George Shelley wanted nothing more than to have Jaymi Hensley as his. Too bad he can’t, Jaymi is with Olly. What if George can’t help it? What if one day, on stage, in f...
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The Dear Wattpad Project by Graser94
The Dear Wattpad Projectby Mocha
Graser has a problem. He's in love with H, and Bayani. He's turned to the website that his fans write on for their help! Read each chapter and help Graser get the men of...
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Alexx + Brittany + Tiffany  by Markie_Kitten1011
Alexx + Brittany + Tiffany by MoNsTeRKiTtY1011
A threeway relationship with a lot of problems but they all are females so they all go to the same school
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Grab Their Hand and Whisper Run by IsigaInkblood
Grab Their Hand and Whisper Runby IsigaInkblood
Welcome to the new face of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza a magical place for children and adults alike. This pizzeria is under some strange new management though. Its been year...
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Artificial Intelligence ( Jastin/ Zastin ) by jaztynbae
Artificial Intelligence ( M. M.
Upcoming love story/ science fiction. Three way relationship
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Forget Me Not - Bucky Barnes X Steve Rogers X OFC by MamaWritesFanfics
Forget Me Not - Bucky Barnes X Bella Morales
Bucky wakes to discover he can't remember anything about his life but with the help of his best friends Steve Rogers and Addilyn Mars he soon realised he's in a good pla...
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Elemental Power  by AshleighGill7
Elemental Power by Ashleigh Gill
Just a story that I don't know what's gonna happen. It's just gonna go I guess
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A Wolves Mates by Dani_Phantom2001
A Wolves Matesby Dani_Phantom2001
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