Saving Sawyer by millie_
Saving Sawyer by MILLIE Teen Fiction
{ Watty 2015 Winner + Featured Story } Meet Sawyer Jameson. On the outside, she's a normal seventeen year old girl with amazing friends, a charitable job and a loving f...
The Hoodie Girl | ✓ by yuenwrites
The Hoodie Girl | ✓ by yuen Teen Fiction
[ Wattys 2016 Collector's Edition Winner! ] [ TFA 2016 Runaway Prize Winner! ] [ Completed 9 Jan 2017 ] "We put on a fake smile to hide the pain, yet we wish someo...
Becoming Scarlett by Ashley_Mariex
Becoming Scarlett by Ashley Marie Teen Fiction
❝She's one of those girls you just can't walk away from. One of those girls you will never forget, no matter how hard you might try.❞ After being kidnapped as a young c...
Invincible by terra_nova
Invincible by ally Teen Fiction
"I didn't know you had friends like Isaac," Willa said in greeting. "I don't," muttered Jared. Isaac rolled his eyes. "Yeah, you don't. You have...
Saving Sawyer (Revised Edition) by millie_
Saving Sawyer (Revised Edition) by MILLIE Teen Fiction
Revamped synopsis inside. Rewrite of the original version. ❝...and I never saw you coming, and I'll never be the same.......❞ - State of Grace, Taylor Swift © Cop...
Beautiful Disaster | ✔︎ by Irene___
Beautiful Disaster | ✔︎ by | m a r t h a | Short Story
[Completed.] (12/24/16) Highest Rankings - #710 in Teen-Fiction & #30 in Short Story (7/29/17) for What's Hot List. The story of a broken boy and the un-average girl. ...
Love, Tom by kmbell92
Love, Tom by Krumcake Short Story
Every day Tom would see her on the train. Every day he would fall in love with her a little more. Every day he hoped he could gather enough courage to speak with...
Love and the Sea and Everything in Between by BrianMcBride
Love and the Sea and Everything in... by brian mcbride Teen Fiction
[WATTYS 2016 WINNER] [Highest Ranking #190 in Teen Fiction] College student Adam West is done with the constant ups and downs of life. Tired of being forced to simply e...
Iris and The List by lanely_
Iris and The List by Gigi Teen Fiction
In which Iris attempts to answer the age old question: who am I? completed. Cover by: @fallingsforyou
Her Safe Haven by girlmoon21
Her Safe Haven by girlmoon21 Teen Fiction
"For him, she was adrenaline." . . . Winter McHalen seems to have everything: parents who own a multi-billion dollar company, two handsome brothers who just ha...
1 | Herbology 101 → Regulus Black by kingbIack
1 | Herbology 101 → Regulus Black by angie Fanfiction
No one ever thought that a Hufflepuff and Slytherin would be seen together, let alone be getting along, but it happened. And it all started in Herbology. [marauders era...
Project Smile by GWritesNovels
Project Smile by G General Fiction
"Why do you never smile?" "Because I'm not like you. I'm not important enough to be happy." ~ ~ ~ Gabriel Lancaster...
The Window [Book Two] by DarkPH0T0N
The Window [Book Two] by 💚Ellie💚 General Fiction
***Wattys 2017*** Devan is gone. He has left in his wake a devastated family, a plethora of sick and desperate teenagers, a government in a panic, and an unlikely friend...
Haze by bradmcquaid
Haze by teddy daniels Short Story
"I wonder if it's possible to lose myself if I never knew really knew who I was to start with." [a short story dealing with bipolar]
p a i n by opticality
p a i n by ʟ ᴇ ᴀ ʜ Short Story
❝She was pain in the form of the one who broke his heart.❞ All rights reserved. @ o p t i c a l i t y | 2017
Diary of a Bipolar Artist [Wattys2016] by REPaige
Diary of a Bipolar Artist [Wattys2... by Rachel E. Paige Non-Fiction
Follows the real life situations of a struggling artist who suffers from Bipolar (Manic Depressive) Disorder, as she traverses the confusion of being in her 20s, learni...
Neptune & Nebula (Revamped) by LaLunatic
Neptune & Nebula (Revamped) by M. Teen Fiction
This is a story for the broken, and the dreamers. © Marianne N. 2016
Mental Health Matters by ResilientBella
Mental Health Matters by Laura Annabelle Non-Fiction
The Mental Health Epidemic has been part of our society and our whole universe for decades and yet many of us (not a huge fraction of the whole world) are working on bre...
Living Without You by roosseemary__
Living Without You by roosseemary__ Teen Fiction
How do I live without you? How can I move on if you aren't here with me? How do I know if I'm doing it right, or if I'm headed in the right direction. Living without...
Radiate by abstractart-
Radiate by abstractart- Poetry
In which a teenager finds the need to make other people feel good so great that she tends to forget about herself in the process. Also, in which a teenager notices and t...