"It's a beautiful day to save lives." -Derek Sheppard, Grey's Anatomy

Hi, I'm Mickey. Proud founder of #ProjectRecovery

A Little Bit About Me~
I'm 17 :)
Birthday: January 19th
I'm a senior in high school
I am seeking publishing after I graduate
College? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I am not posting any new works on Wattpad
I love Supernatural
Hardcore destiel shipper
LGBTQ+ supporter
Life goal: New York Times #1 Best-seller

Please note: I am not very active because I'm focused on graduating high school and getting a job. I try to check in and read as many comments as possible, but I do not always have time to reply. Just know that I love you guys and you are my biggest supporters who made me realize my passion for writing. I wouldn't be where I am without you!

☆The Butterfly Effect (formerly titled: Emily's Suicide) - Complete
☆Corren's Fight - Complete
☆Avery's Anorexia - Complete

Write hard and clear about what hurts. -Ernest Hemmingway

Broken does not mean irreparable.
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Explosivewafflez Explosivewafflez Aug 27, 2016 01:34PM
Hello my amazing readers! I have a question, in The Butterfly Effect would you guys be interested in seeing Emily's recovery time in rehab? Also, would you guys be interested in a Q&A on my twitter o...
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Featured work.

Avery's Anorexia

Social data: 212K reads. 10.8K votes. 4K comments.

Description: "If you could see your demons for what they are, you'd never let them anywhere near you. " Avery Payne is completely disgusted with her body. She'll do anything to be skinny like all the other girls...


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