Hi, I'm McKayla. "I WANNA BE LIKE-Misha Collins."
☆California :P
☆I love my readers
☆Fat Camp updates - On hold
☆The Butterfly Effect (Emily's Suicide) - Complete
☆Corren's Fight - Complete
☆Avery's Anorexia - Complete
☆Graffiti Vigilantes - Updates anywhere from Friday-Sunday
☆Self-love advocate
☆I am also involved in a collab account where I post tips on writing @TheUselessFacts
☆If there ever comes a time when I stop updating ALL of my stories for more than a couple months, it's safe to say I died because there will never come a day that I stop writing. The only way that'd happen is if I shattered my hands. :P
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Don't get it right, get it written. -Ally Carter
You only fail if you stop writing. -Ray Bradbury
Write hard and clear about what hurts. -Ernest Hemmingway
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The Butterfly Effect

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Description: "I am not a coward! You wanna know what's cowardly? Making someone feel so horrible that they want to die!" She simply nodded in agreement, oblivious to my anger. "You're right, suicide isn't cowardly, but it is selfish." Emily Tate Mathison died...

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Time Stamps, Tips, and Extras

Time Stamps, Tips, and Extras

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A little collage of time stamps from The Fighter's Series, writing tips from me, life lessons/advice, an...

Avery's Anorexia

Avery's Anorexia

107K 6.4K 2.3K

"If you could see your demons for what they are, you'd never let them anywhere near you. " Avery Payne i...

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Graffiti Vigilantes

Graffiti Vigilantes

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Joel is gay, Sonia is demisexual, Aiden is transgender, and Cody is questioning. What brings these young...

Fat Camp

Fat Camp

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"Arya Louis was a psychopathic bitch... and I loved it." Mitch Forest has the hugest crush on Arya, form...

@Explosivewafflez I think that's a great idea. I loved the original one, and I will definitely love the new/changed version of the book. I don't think I'll mind if it comes out in a mouth or so, I'll be excited to read it either way. what ever you want to do, I'll support it :) 
IMPORTANT: Alright guys, you're all about to play a huge role in an important decision here, so I need you to read this very carefully. I want to post the new version of The Butterfly Effect. I have three different rewritten versions I've made (and half failed on), but I'm currently working on the fourth one that I am switching over to third person POV. If I post this, I wont be taking down the original book that's already here on Wattpad. What will happen instead is that I will replace every chapter with a message saying the book is under reconstruction, and as I update each chapter of the rewritten version I will replace the message with the new chapter until all the chapters are filled with the rewritten book. This way, I don't have to lose my reading count on The Butterfly Effect. The downside? You guys wont be able to read the entire story until I've posted all the rewritten chapters. That could take me a month or two (this is due to school/homework keeping me busy). It wont be very difficult for me to do considering I have the story, I'm just converting the book into third person, but I might change some things as I go along. That being said, since it's a rewritten version that means there's going to be a lot of stuff that's different: new scenes, new characters, and new situations. The new version will also be longer hopefully. Another downside is that Graffiti Vigilantes will have to take the backseat while I do this. So please reply to this message or shoot me a PM on what you want me to do. This book has helped so many of you, so I greatly value your opinion on this matter. I know some of you reread it often so I hate to take that away from you for any amount of time.  I hope to hear from you soon! As always, stay strong and keep fighting <3 -Mickey
Hello my beautiful cinnamon buns! GV update will likely be on Sunday, but I'm working hard to get it posted by tonight. IMPORTANT: For those of you who have been bullied and turned to your school for help, please send me your story of the experience. Surprise, surprise, working on another draft for The Butterfly Effect. I'm switching it all over to third person. Jeez, this is like the third or fourth time I've tried rewriting it. I feel confident with third person though, it's such a huge difference. Anyways, I want there to be some time where Emily tries going to her counselors/school system for help. That's all I'm saying ;) Any experience of your school failing to help you, or succeeding to help you is welcomed. Though let's be honest, school systems really lack in this department and I want to expose that in this new version of The Butterfly Effect. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day! Stay strong <3 -Mickey