Hi, I'm McKayla. "I WANNA BE LIKE-Misha Collins."
☆Do NOT come anywhere near me or my readers if you are pro-eating disorder. You're not welcome here.
☆The Butterfly Effect (Emily's Suicide) - Complete
☆Corren's Fight - Complete
☆Avery's Anorexia - Complete
☆Graffiti Vigilantes - Updates anywhere from Friday-Sunday
☆Self-love advocate
☆In light of that statement, please read my AU http://archiveofourown.org/works/4708964/chapters/10754351
My ask.fm (fire away!): http://ask.fm/Explosivewafflez
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You only fail if you stop writing. -Ray Bradbury

Write hard and clear about what hurts. -Ernest Hemmingway

Broken does not mean irreparable.
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Home in Time for Christmas: A Collection of Short Holiday Stories

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The Butterfly Effect

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Story Reading List

Story Reading List