The Gang Leaders Angel

The Gang Leaders Angel

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He was bad. He smoked, he broke the law, he drove too fast for his own good. He didn't care because no one taught him how to. But when it came to her, he wanted to be the best man. He couldn't bare the thought of her being hurt by him.... or by anyone else. He would kill to protect her, the girl who cared about someone as worthless as him in all her perfection. 

Valentino Lacuna is a ruthless killer, the leader of the most dangerous gang. But after he kills Willow Davids brother- things change, he starts to see the light again and sinks into darkness without her.

Willow Davids is Valentino's little angel, he will do anything for her. She is stubborn, sarcastic and full of life and she HATES Valentino.
Will things change when she meets the big bad gang leader?

He slams me to the wall and I cry out as pain soars through my back, "you really like testing me angel, don't you?" He growls through clenched teeth.

"W-what are you talking about?" I clench my eyes closed, he tilts my chin up but I keep eyes screwed shut.

"Open your eyes," quickly I pop them open. "You know what you did angel. Flirting with those guys like that, letting them flirt with you- YOU'RE MINE! DO YOU GET ME!?" He punches the wall beside my head and I flinch.

"Never will I be yours," I whisper in the quietest voice, he starts laughing like I just made a really funny joke.

 "You will always be mine princess."

Highest rank: #12 in teen fiction as of 29/9/17
Amazing cover by; @INNOCENT9146
Sequel is "The Gang Leader Wants Me"
(The 'gang' series)

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Jade_Ellis123 Jade_Ellis123 Nov 05, 2017
The trailer needs music behind it because it’s boring without it.
zalahumanaz zalahumanaz 2 days ago
I used to feel the same whu when i first came here on wattpad but the feels have changed now.I dont exactly like it but still..............
raeluv12 raeluv12 4 days ago
Boy !!! , you don't even know her name ,even I don't even know her name .
pink_rih pink_rih Nov 09, 2017
Wow that’s the most amazing trailer I’ve ever seen❤️🔥
Ineaaa Ineaaa a day ago
For you better start kicking 
                              Kicking doors
                              Kicking windows open
                              Kicking people
hahanahi hahanahi a day ago
man that was wow the music made it better i'm like so ahhh amazing