When Fires Collide

When Fires Collide

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Frereso By Frereso Updated Oct 22, 2017

We were like candles along the ilses of life, lit for the sole purpose to guide others who walked along it. But then the winds began to howl and our purpose gave us reason to fight. It gave us a reason to survive but somewhere along the way we lost control. And now our flames are a tenfold bigger and they destroy all in their path. But we can't stop the flames and so that's what we became. Question is will we burn each other?

Elizabeth and Leonardo were once ordinary but lost themselves in the depths of their family gangs. Gangs that were both set to destroy the other. Throw in a sudden plot twist where the two fall in love and the very people they trust betraying them. Along with the fact that they still have to play ignorant. Results in a rather huge fire to extinguish.

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