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The City

The City

532 Reads 32 Votes 140 Part Story
Hugh J. O'Donnell By HJODonnell Completed

"O'Donnell builds a world both enticing and unsettling...The City remains full of surprises at every turn."
  -JRD Skinner, "Flashpulp"
Winner of The 2017 Ooorah Award for Best Cyberpunk!

  The City is a place beyond the real world. Created and controlled by the titanic Midas Corporation, The hyper-realistic virtual environment is the capital of an empire without borders, outside the reach of terrestrial law enforcement.
  When controlling interest in the company is sold to a mysterious new player, The City breaks down, trapping millions inside with feral, zombie-like avatars. And the infection is spreading. It falls to the Daytrippers, teenage hackers and rebels who don't play by Midas' rules, to save The City, and the world.
  A drabble novella told from one hundred and forty different points of view, The City is like no place you've ever seen before.

  • apocalypse
  • cyberpunk
  • drabble
  • experimental
  • featured
  • fiction
  • largecast
  • novelette
  • science
  • scifi
  • vr
  • zombie