Shakespeare | Harry Styles by shreddedhearts
Shakespeare | Harry Stylesby Laney
Harry Styles X Reader (mini-fic AU) In which Harry is a poetic frat boy who just so happens to be the TA for your new English class.
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NACHOS ✓ by MarilynAHepburn
NACHOS ✓by Marilyn A Hepburn
**A FEATURED STORY ON WATTPAD** Her New Year's Eve was supposed to be a depressing evening alone with a bowl of salsa and a plate of microwaved nachos, but a powerful fo...
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Masks by WieKawaii
Masksby WieKawaii
[update every Friday] Masks: One is Not Enough. "How much more do I need to disguise myself as? How many masks do I have to wear? I even have to bear with these hea...
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The CVS Robot Teddy Bear Episode. by NickTamboia
The CVS Robot Teddy Bear Nick Tamboia
Jessica stopped at the red light and let out with a loud sigh. "Green slime. Teddy Borgs, and Darth Vader. Just once I'd like to have a normal visit at CVS." S...
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A Grilled Cheese Nightmare by NickTamboia
A Grilled Cheese Nightmareby Nick Tamboia
All ten-year old Raymond Ortiz wanted was to make a grilled cheese sandwich after baseball practice, which would end in one of the weirdest, and silliest, afternoons the...
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Gleaming Stones of the Sun by agataadew
Gleaming Stones of the Sunby Agata A. Dew
Christine feels content with not meeting her soulmate for the past seventeen years she has been alive. It doesn't matter that blue, glowing, and floating streak in her h...
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Patient // by aaaaeve by aaaaeve
Patient // by aaaaeveby MaxiMaeve
Ongoing// Good things come to those who wait
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The Eyes of Charon (#JustWriteIt - Open Month Challenge) ✓ by alycecaswell
The Eyes of Charon ( Alyce Caswell
Tamsin is a former psychic who can't be sure she ever saw ghosts or if she spent her whole life hallucinating. But when one stubborn ghost shows up in her shop and won't...
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