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Sun Kissed ✓ by swallowedhearts
Sun Kissed ✓by alex
[BXB] Two boys, an ice cream store and a summer to fall in love. ✩✩✩ Outgoing Tanner makes it a mission to befriend his reserved coworker Austin over the course of the s...
The Quarantine Diary of Adam Garrett [mxm] by rebeccarightnow
The Quarantine Diary of Adam Rebecca Christiansen
Adam Garrett works from home, so quarantine doesn't affect him much, but his new roommate, Brad, is a high-energy guy who needs constant activity to stay sane. Adam is w...
At First Light by Spiszy
At First Lightby Erica Jennings
When Hannah Templeton ran away from an arranged marriage, she did not expect everything to go so wrong, so quickly. Now she's snowed into a barn on her first night of fr...
A White Rose (Spellbound Novelette) by EmilyMorgans
A White Rose (Spellbound Novelette)by Emily Morgans
Ereptus never wanted to be responsible for anyone but himself, so when an old friend asks him to escort a special young girl to safety he's less than pleased about the i...
The Alien by SueMcKenzieAuthor
The Alienby Susan McKenzie
"This was a dangerous situation. I was on an unknown and possibly hostile planet with an inoperable ship and had been caught red-handed sleeping in this alien's ani...
Shakespeare | Harry Styles by shreddedhearts
Shakespeare | Harry Stylesby Laney
Harry X Reader (mini-fic AU) In which Harry is a poetic frat boy who just so happens to be the TA for your new English class.
Skipping Stones by zoe_grimm
Skipping Stonesby Z. L. Grimm
Jameson wasn't sure what compelled him to observe the stranger skipping stones alone at the lake, nor what drove him to approach him. After all, Jameson was a man of ro...
Sweetness and Light ✓ || Hueningkai X Reader by Asterhythm
Sweetness and Light ✓ || Aster Rhythm
['What are you going to do with your life?' It's about time you found the answer.] After graduating high school, your parents send you on a plane ride to Los Angeles, of...
Her Ideal Boyfriend by Archinee
Her Ideal Boyfriendby c h i n
[A novella] She looked for him for years, and yet she couldn't find him. Galilean decided to invent the time-travel machine to find her ideal boyfriend. *** Galilean is...
Masks by wie_kawaii
Masksby WieKawaii
[Book 1 End] When Kudou Shinichi, a usually composed and intelligent guy, has to make decisions about choosing his love or losing it behind the face of another person he...
The Perfect Photo by MageshArul
The Perfect Photoby Magesh A. Devan
Two girls sharing a hostel room bump into a guy who is as interesting as a guy could get. One of the girls is interested in him. But why? What is so mysterious about the...
Luna Healer (Alrosa Series #1) [Completed] by astracelane
Luna Healer (Alrosa Series #1) [ 🌼
Luna Healer (Alrosa Series #1) [Completed] By Astrace *** After hearing the terrible news about the Luna flowers, Alexa Rosana, or Alrosa did everything she could to hel...
"မင်းကငါ့အပိုင်ဖြစ်လာပါစေ"[Complete] by Gnialh
"မင်းကငါ့အပိုင်ဖြစ်လာပါစေ"[ Gnialh
• Jaywon Fanfiction• "မင်းငါ့ကို ချစ်ရင် kiss me under the light of thousand stars...." " something you sing love songs to a wrong person but you don't...
KPOP FIESTA 2022 by kpop
KPOP FIESTA 2022by Kpop | Ambassadors
Welcome to the Kpop Fiesta 2022! We cordially invite you to the first edition of the Kpop Fiesta! Are you as excited as we are to join us on this new journey? Well, we...
Get What You Deserve // Chansaw by paloma-nymph
Get What You Deserve // Chansawby your local angsty hoe
It's no secret that Heather Chandler hates her best friend's boyfriend. He's a liar. A manipulator. A freak. Maybe even a murderer. And Veronica Sawyer is trapped with h...
NACHOS ✓ by MarilynAHepburn
NACHOS ✓by Marilyn A Hepburn
**A FEATURED STORY ON WATTPAD** Her New Year's Eve was supposed to be a depressing evening alone with a bowl of salsa and a plate of microwaved nachos, but a powerful fo...
He Taught Me How To Kiss by MarvellousAlien
He Taught Me How To Kissby BookAlien
"Don't tell me, you don't know how to kiss?" "No, I don't know. My parents never allowed me to watch this kinda stuff." "Oh, my... your life suc...
Heart's Desire | Harry Potter for Grown-Ups by Squibstress
Heart's Desire | Harry Potter Squibstress
Minerva McGonagall wants. She wants a broom and a career, and she wants Amelia Bones. But what happens when she gets everything she ever desired? 🥇 WINNER Quicksilver Q...
The Gen 3 Contest (2022) by LiteraryLoungeD
The Gen 3 Contest (2022)by The Literary Lounge
A writing contest organized and judged by members of the Literary Lounge server. The goal: write a novelette using 3 keywords.
From Jupiter's Head | Epithalamium #0.75 | Minerva McGonagall by Squibstress
From Jupiter's Head | Squibstress
Thorfinn McGonagall observes his daughter as she grows up, and realises he has a very unusual witch on his hands. ******** BOOK 0.75 OF THE EPITHALAMIUM SERIES (reading...