Stone Cold

Stone Cold

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Magnolia Jade By jukeboxjunkie Updated Jan 01, 2018

"The stone first started to show on his father's right forearm. Pale onyx veins then spread throughout his body, shining like polished marble."               

Stone has claimed most of the magical creatures of the world, forcing the rest to go into hiding. It seeps into their skin and sucks the magic out of them, drop by drop until only their husks are left behind.                          

Xander is the prince of the Tuatha Dé Danaan, also known as the fae. He is tasked to find the one who can stop the stone. But after five decades of trying to find it, he comes up empty handed. Until one fateful night, when he sees a girl breathe life into stone.                   

Ember is that girl. She gets thrust into a place full of magic, mystery and tragedy. Danger shrouds her at every corner, as she struggles to save a world that isn't her own.