Every Were Gets A Mate

Every Were Gets A Mate

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V. B. Law By vblawnola Updated Sep 07, 2017

** Her mate is not an alpha.
** This book has good grammar. 
** No betas, gammas, omegas, or lunas in here.
** These werewolves are unique and more like Teen Wolf werewolves.

Many of my readers have said they love these facts, so I thought I'd put them at the start of the blurb for a while :)

Jessica McIntire has grown up in Fury Pack, led by the most villainous of alphas. He banished her parents and her older brother but forces her to stay in case she is mate to one of his men. Jessica must pretend to be submissive and biddable just to stay alive. Inside she is screaming in rage and begging for freedom. She can't understand why Fate is punishing her like this.

Every were gets a mate.
Every were will feel the mate pull at least once in their life.
It might only be for a few seconds before your mate dies in battle, but you will feel it.

Fate is perfect. 
Fate is an entwining web, a sticky web that no one can escape.
You may not understand it or like it, but you'll get what you deserve, eventually.

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