King Damien (Completed)

King Damien (Completed)

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Maaiiii By CactusxLover Completed

Scarlett Lockwood just an ordinary girl well she thought she was ordinary, but there is so much more than of her than she only know. Being used to be abused both physically and verbally by her parents and her pack since she was able to walk and talk, she decided to escape from her pack after during her 18th birthday when she found out that she was going to get killed by her father.

She ran and ran and ran, she had now became a rougue for a year, but what would happen if the beta had found her? Will she give in? And little did she know that their Alpha, no the King of Werewolves is her mate.

Alpha King Damien Richards the most powerful wolf and also the king of werewolves was a cold hearted person, he had no mercy against anyone that's why he was feared by everyone most especially the vampires, he is hiding a deep secret from the people.

What will happen if he found out that her mate was a rouge?

Will he accept her?

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