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The Silver Wolf

The Silver Wolf

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Adriana By desiadri Completed

Lily Crawford was once loved and treasured by her whole pack but that stopped on her 14th birthday when she didn't shift like she was supposed to. Instantly she became an outsider, a slave, a stranger in her own pack. She gave up on having a mate and being loved from anyone other than her brother. That all changed when an Alpha from a neighborhood pack visited her pack and uttered the word she thought she'd never hear "Mate".


He locked the door behind us, pressing me against its hard surface.

 "Mine" He growled pressing his face against my neck, breathing in my scent.

"Stop that" I yelled, tears streaming down my face. I tried to push him away from me but he didn't budge. "Just reject me already". 

"I won't reject you" His voice was low and dangerous. Was he worse than I thought? He will actually make me think he wanted me and then break my heart into a tiny million pieces.

"Well then I will. I, Lily Crawford reject you Logan Wa-" Before I could finish he slammed me harder against the wall and covered my mouth with his hand. 

"Don't you fucking dare" He yelled punching the door beside my face. I flinched back but that didn't stop him. "I am your mate and whether you like or not you are now mine. And mine means, no one touches you, no one talks to you and no one fucking looks at you" He yelled again. Moon goddess, please help me.

A character we don't like gets laid: EWW GROSS *gags*
                              A character we like gets laid: Ay get it! Finally! *wiggles eyebrows*
Well that bitxh is gonna have to eat what i cooked unless she wants to fix her own food
Blah123123123 Blah123123123 4 days ago
Why are all blondes mean....... I'm blond and I'm not mean...... But it is just a book or should I say it is some books. Not hating just something I noticed
Damn it seems like everyone in this comment section would be hated by their pack
What a bitch. I can see how they were made for each other cause they're both assholes
Ommy___123 Ommy___123 Jun 16
I smiled so much when I read this paragraph. Oh my gawd. I'm in love. 😄😄