Sorry (Chara x Sans) //On Hold//

Sorry (Chara x Sans) //On Hold//

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It had been ten years since they all got to the surface.
Frisk shared a soul with Asriel and Chara, due to Frisk, went pacifist.
They all lived happily in Ebott Village.
Toriel with Frisk, Asriel, and Chara.
Sans with Papyrus.
Asgore alone.
Undyne with Alphys.
Mettaton was somewhere else with Blooky being famous and all..

Frisk refused to reset after she had finally saved Asriel.
Everyone's happy.

Chara isn't..?
Oh well.

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Mabey it's like in Glitchtale where Chara was. You know. A glitch.
I'm just going to write what I said when I read this *inhales* OOOOOHHHHHHH CRAP!!!!! IT WAS SANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ghostgal101 ghostgal101 Mar 04, 2017
I won't be surprised if chara gives him dirty looks when ever he passes by
                              I fell weird because I'm listening to wolf in sheeps clothing on repeat right now
Arwen_Summer Arwen_Summer Nov 26, 2016
Undyne: Sans did...
                              Me: *hand over mouth* OMG NUUU SANS WHYYYY I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS!?!?!?!
EggStudios EggStudios Dec 22, 2016
When did Chara start teleporting (i'm guessing it's Sansy boi ;w;) XDDDDD
Galaxy_Sprinkle Galaxy_Sprinkle Dec 22, 2016
cough cough Friskel (not like I have anything wrong with the ship, I actually do ship it) cough cough