The Elementalists (Moved To Dreame With DAILY Updates)

The Elementalists (Moved To Dreame With DAILY Updates)

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Sydney Carvahall By SydCarv Completed

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Fiera has lived in the human realm her entire life. Her destiny as clear to her as it could be. Shift to the Elementalist realm at 16 and train in her element.

It seemed all fine on paper but being an orphan in a dimension where lineage, heritage and bloodline could effect your today and tomorrow may be a bigger problem than she thought. Technically, she's a nobody among the elites and higher society Elementals. In reality, she is the target of one of the most dangerous seniors in the dimension.

Avoiding her and keeping up with classes is a different ball game.

Believing in a stranger claiming to be her brother, or believing in her guardian who has lied to her her entire life?

Believing she was abandoned in a forest, or a child actually loved?

Believing in love, or following a faith?

She has grown up alone, hidden behind a wall of lies which hides a heritage and bloodline that may put her life in serious danger. Trapped in ages old customs, is she doomed to make the same mistake or fall prey to her own strength?

WARNING: Mild Swearing and Violence. Slightly sexual content.

©SydCarv 2017

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AJ_Craziness AJ_Craziness Aug 19, 2018
That's great news. Go for it. We'll see you at the next level.