You're My Mate? Hell No.

You're My Mate? Hell No.

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ktfelix By ktfelix Updated Jul 23, 2017

Hi. The name's McKenna. If you're here to read about a weak little human girl who finds her mate, and knows nothing about werewolves, and obliviously falls in love, then you are sadly mistaken. Let me start again. 

Hi. The name's KcKenna, and I am one of the only humans in the world to know that werewolves aren't just fictional beings from teen romance stories. In reality, they're just some real jerks that are a pain in my ass. Ok, I'm going to start one more time.

Hi. The name's McKenna. I hate werewolves, and that is never going to change. Or so I thought.

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she_writer she_writer May 01, 2017
The book is amazing, but I'd like to say you've spelt super wrong and added an extra p. Other than that u loved how this book was different from others. Definitely will vote, you deserve it.
GraceOnHerWay GraceOnHerWay Dec 30, 2016
Try working on a chapter every day or every other day....that doesn't mean you have to upload, just try to work on a new chapter😊
lamelovestories lamelovestories Dec 28, 2016
You've never written a book before? Because this is already really good😄
TheQueenSarcasm727 TheQueenSarcasm727 Dec 17, 2016
Damn we have more students in my grade than 60 probably cause 3 other schools go to my school
beautyrose63 beautyrose63 Dec 06, 2016
Same except I would yell it and so would my friends but I would love this guy anyway
shamegiver shamegiver Jan 03, 2017
Wait I don't get the hole freshman year thingie. I'm south African so if I was a freshman how old would make me