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Fresh off the Ice by SA_icegirl
Fresh off the Iceby SA_icegirl
I am a Figure skater. I skate 6 hours a day, 30 hours a week and about 2,700 minutes a month. That doesn't include training, off-ice, ballet, drama, and yoga. I have thr...
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The Coop Scent by bubbletheory
The Coop Scentby bubble theory
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The Outfielder - Aaron Judge Fan Fiction by MLBromance
The Outfielder - Aaron Judge Fan MLB Romance
It was all fun and games until I found myself falling for the sweetest most amazing guy that I had ever met, but trying to keep a low profile while dating the most talk...
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The Football Player Thinks I'm Cute? by NikkiTide
The Football Player Thinks I'm Nikki Tide
What would you do if you found out a football player from the year above finds you attractive? What would you do if this football player happens to be extremely attract...
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The Clash of Amazona Girls vs Cassanova Boys (Onhold) by BinibiningJustPhie
The Clash of Amazona Girls vs รҭīใใ īกҭ๏ ұ๏ม
Maganda ang simula ng araw nang mag kakaibigan na Sophia Espirito, Grace Mendez,Shaira Zamora and Abigail Daque na mas kilalang "Amazona Girls". Pero nag bago...
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Catching The Tigers by juuuwls
Catching The Tigersby juuuwls
Charlie Jones is the new girl in town. Shes not really the popular type, but that will change when she tries out for the football team. She played at her old school, var...
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Skater girl by saralovestosing
Skater girlby Sara
Samantha or Sam, is a normal girl. Ok so maybe not exactly normal. She's a hard core tom boy (ok so maybe she does like romance books but that's it!). Anyone who knows...
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Ice Cold and Stupid. by Social_Virus
Ice Cold and Fuzzybrunch
Robin is - in every sense- absolutely, utterly fucked. Robin has been figure skating from the moment she walked her first step. It's as natural as breathing. The Olympic...
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Sin by ak_lloyd
Sinby A.K. Lloyd
"Why are your siblings so disconnected?" I asked finally, my voice monotone and my expression without humour. "I mean, you're so welcoming and friendly, a...
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UNpopular [SLOW UPDATES] by TypicalHemmoGirl
UNpopular [SLOW UPDATES]by Harper Luna Addams
*WARNING: Slow Updates* He was your typical high school jock. Hot, with money and the opportunity to bang any girl he wanted. She was just unpopular Rachel.
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My little superhero  by LeenaMustafa6
My little superhero by Leena Mustafa
I noticed that most of the Islamic stories were about the arranged marriage and the halal love etc Come on is marriage the only thing we have to tell stories about how a...
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Bachelorettes Versus Bachelors (Book 2) by BangtansWife
Bachelorettes Versus Bachelors ( M. P. L. Jaime
Another chapter. Another clash. The famous bachelorettes and the freakin' bachelors once again hit the music of love and play a game with fate. Will it be the same bach...
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Try Me by mangosmoothie1
Try Meby mangosmoothie1
"You're not gonna make it." "Try me." ___________________________________________ Elaine Fishers has always been that third wheel on a best friend...
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High school roleplay by casey_robins
High school roleplayby Casey
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The new girl in town by swpnguitarvmg
The new girl in townby swpnguitarvmg
Skyler went through hell and back so many times she can give you all the shortcuts. Her family finally decides to start out fresh and move to a new town, clean plate. Sh...
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The Nerd Type by pizza_planet3
The Nerd Typeby pizza_planet3
We've all heard of the shy girl with glasses being head over heels for the tall alarmingly handsome Jock . Okay, now let's take that idea, set it on fire, and flush it...
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My Life With the Parker Boys by insistent
My Life With the Parker Boysby izzy
Mae Stevens was just an average teen with a passion for volleyball. She had a normal life, happy family, perfect grades, and starting spot on her team. But when tragedy...
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Sleeping with the football team by crushour
Sleeping with the football teamby crushour
You're gone and I gotta stay High all the time To keep you off my mind
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We were drinking tea in a grave yard by Unicornlama560
We were drinking tea in a grave Unicornlama560
Most likely the weirdest thing you will ever read so don't come @ us you have been warned :) xox
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You May Know Me As... by gymnast17
You May Know Me Nickie
Karter Johansen is an epic badass. Michelle Flanders is a total nerd. Scarlet Black is a hopeless romantic. Rebecca Anderson is an obsessive band geek. Jessica Fitzgeral...
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