Billionaire's sacred love (Sandhir ff)

Billionaire's sacred love (Sandhir ff)

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Alluring reima By alluring_reima Updated Jul 25, 2017

"Oh breezy wind ! Stop for while ,My girl is sleeping .  Oh buzzy beetles! Stop make noises  , 
 My girl is dreaming

Oh round moon ! Don't  get jealous,
         My girl is more beautiful than you . 

Oh rough roads ! Don't end anyhow, 
         I wanna to see her face 
                Ever and forever "

Randhir Singh Shekhawat :

A rich , handsome boy who turned into a businessman to provide a support for his dad , at d age of 24 . 

This boy is purely  TDH type (tall, dark, handsome ) ,,, every girl around him wanna to get his attention ... Dat might she ll be his girl. 

Sanyukta agarwal:

A financially weak girl , a daughter of a watchman .
A 21 year old , young, beautiful, innocent, yet confident girl who believes in living the present day, not remembering the past pains. 

     Their first meet is remarkably worst . But later one fall in love with other . 

One sided love turned into its worsed side .

But who knows d destiny of someone???? ,,, they may be made for each other . ❤️❤️❤️

       Would they fall in love with each other,? But how they forced to sail in the boat if love . 

Come and find it out in "Billionaire's Sacred love".


All copy rights reserved. 

The characters, the events and the plots comes from my ideas. 

(Billionaire's sacred love  , is my story and all events     are Plotted by me. 

Any resemblance to any real incident is purely coincidental . )


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alluring_reima alluring_reima Sep 26, 2016
Yaaa! U r true . Everyone's life is full of drama and tragedies. 😂
komal12665 komal12665 Sep 08, 2016
This one is really nice. 
                              Quite emotional... 
                              Loved the characters spclly Robert Pattinson aka Edward Cullen ❤️❤️
                              Update soon! 
                              Waiting! 😊
ShRaDdHaDhAnAwAdE ShRaDdHaDhAnAwAdE Sep 26, 2016
                              Umm dont take me wrong but have u copied ths story frm sumwer??
komal12665 komal12665 Sep 06, 2016
Nice story line... Wanna read further. 
                              Waiting for next.., 
                              Update soon! 😉
alluring_reima alluring_reima Sep 26, 2016
Oh no ! U r taking it totally wrong, this is my story , first i tried it as real foreign billionaire's , but than i realised that , their own hero , than go outside. 
                              I thought now u got my point