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The Secret Between Us | JJK by swaeg001
The Secret Between Us | JJKby Swaeg_in_Gucci
❝Dad this is ridiculous. How am I supposed to live with her?❞ Three thousand billion years later~ ❝Kang Y/n❞ he yelled from behind earning everyone's attention. And the...
Dynamite Touch by moonnisha
Dynamite Touchby moonnisha
Arnav Raval , a well known top businessman of India , who has everything in his life ; money, power, charming personality. His eyes are deep black with boxy smile. 6'1 t...
Forgotten Moment by Vanicao
Forgotten Momentby Vanicao
Rui Leonetti could not believe that Vera could waltz back into his life and act like she could not remember the turmoil she had created five years ago. He knew she had...
Mafias new toy by kaisurgoodboy
Mafias new toyby kaisurgoodboy
Alexander had a normal life when he was a teenager. He had a bad drinking habit and would do silly things when he's drunk. So when he got himself drunk and a little hig...
The Unexpected Bride-Book One in Taming of the Shrew by KimAmai
The Unexpected Bride-Book One in Kimberly S Toussaint
Not born with a silver spoon in her mouth, Sharlene Cunning-ham is a mediocre individual working for a successful jewelry company. Known as the errand girl of her boss...
Can't I Touch Your Heart? by Ryusensei2000
Can't I Touch Your Heart?by Ryu Sakurada
"Not so long ago, I was alone and lost and then you came along and I was home. thank you for finding me After 10 years of disappearing, when Ember Helberg returns t...
Rich Men | Hyunlix Minsung (Ongoing) by SemiThzz
Rich Men | Hyunlix Minsung ( My Innocence is gone
Ongoing Updated every Thursday- Saturday (for Australia) . I update and edit this book regularly. Lee Felix x Hwang Hyunjin. boy x boy. Coworker x boss Lee know minho...
The girl with the beach hat by Midhu51Ammu
The girl with the beach hatby Midhu Ammu
Ira Hennigway is a 18 year old girl who lives in living in Ambler, Alaska.The town folks call her miss.Strange, because her personality and her face doesn't match up to...
Windows on the World by brooklinebaby
Windows on the Worldby 🎀 𝐣𝐟𝐤'𝐬 𝐛𝐚𝐛𝐲𝐠𝐢𝐫𝐥
It's the year 1996 in the city of New York. Phoebe Carla Bradley is new to the city, short of money, and just a few months away from graduating high school. She deals wi...
Moth Among Butterflies by CyrilSutherland
Moth Among Butterfliesby CyrilSutherland
One must see beyond the title. The Duke of Devonshire, the most powerful duke in England, tires of female debutantes' and their gabster mothers' pretenses and Spanish co...
Rose II {✓} by bjorghalla
Rose II {✓}by Bjorg Halla
BOOK 2 DOES NOT STAND ALONE! MUST READ THE FIRST ONE!!! Seven months after being betrayed not only by her mother but also by the one she had fallen in love with Rose Ace...
Lies and Secret in a Bliss by damoanu
Lies and Secret in a Blissby Anuola Oyindamola Folake
Ours was a happy romantic love affair which people thought was a match made in heaven even I believed it was and in all areas to be qualified for marriage we were okay...
The Sun That Kissed The Flower by imaginflowers
The Sun That Kissed The Flowerby imaginflowers
Ren, a newly transferred student falls in love with Kira, a bright and confident young woman in the same class as him. Although their connection was seemingly fated to b...
Honey Bunny | Hakkai Shiba by n0tgrapes
Honey Bunny | Hakkai Shibaby grapes
i never see enough hakkaixreader stories. the ones i do see either have very little chapters, y/n dies, they're omega verse🤮, in spanish (which i can't read that well)...
Billionaire's sacred love (Sandhir ff) ✅ by alluring_reima
Billionaire's sacred love ( Alluring reima
"Oh breezy wind ! Stop for while ,My girl is sleeping . Oh buzzy beetles! Stop make noises , My girl is dreaming Oh round moon ! Don't get jealous, My...
ETHAN'S EMPIRE - Laying Down the Rules- formerly PROTECTING OLIVIA by BellaVanice
ETHAN'S EMPIRE - Laying Down the RV Garner
**COMPLETED** Olivia is homeless and is doing her best to survive on the cruel streets of New York City. She has managed to surround herself with some really great frien...
She's my lady•||•JK by kimnabii
She's my lady•||•JKby 나비’
❥joen jungkook ❥yoo nabii نابی{nabi } لە یانەیەكی شەوانە وەك مودێریك كار دەكات ، خوشكەكەی كە ناوێ ناریە{nari} مودێری كۆنی یانەكەیە وە وون بووە، بۆیە نابی ھاتۆتە یانە...
Noticed by freedomwithbooks
Noticedby Mint<3
Amara Kanley When she wants a new happy life... Wants to be noticed because she is alone and has no friends, she begins a new happy life in New York city and meets... Za...
"Accidentally Falling Inlove With My Boss" by Kurtyzel_409
"Accidentally Falling Inlove Kurtyzel_409
Minsan sadyang mapagbiro ang tadhana. Yung akala mo kayo na pala para sa isa't isa pero hindi pala. Tapos may dadating.. Na mamahalin ka ng buo *Ang story kong ito ay tu...
I'll Be With you From DUSK Till DAWN (✔) by starxuniverse
I'll Be With you From DUSK Till Baek
Meet Nida Umarul Farooq (Reem), a youngster who dreamed about her future to be just like how she expected... BUT IT ALL CHANGED UPSIDE DOWN...... When OMAR...