Let me bleed: Dan X Reader

Let me bleed: Dan X Reader

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probablynotjesus By mooster100025 Updated Dec 23, 2016

The third and final installment of my three part Dan X reader series. Dan and you have been through hell, you are still strong and deeply in love. Now with a family you face a bigger challenge; the people who have wronged you are back to do worse. You must protect your family and friends before its too late. 

A trail of death and blood will lead you to the answers.

One question still lingers on your tongue...

Who's next?

  • dan
  • horror
  • murder
  • phil
  • romance
IWantCerealPlease IWantCerealPlease Jun 19, 2017
Me: hmm.. 
                              Mind: do it
                              Me: BLOOD BLOOD GALLONS OF THE STUFF GIVE THEM A-
                              Teacher: ANNA NOT AGAIN
TyjoLeSmolBean TyjoLeSmolBean Dec 24, 2017
Man-“My sexuality doesn’t define me.” Other man - “Hi, how are you?” Man- “Gay”
totorogirl360 totorogirl360 Oct 02, 2016
A-author-chan I'm scared to read this, to the looks of the cover..... BUT ILL READ IT ANYWAY.... And probably die.... Help me
AlForArt AlForArt Jan 26, 2017
My initial thought: 'MOVE IT I'M GAY! Being gay has its perks you're just simply a better person
                              -Brandon Rodgers 2k16
xkoalanerd xkoalanerd Jan 20, 2017
Edward's description would be my description if someone ever wrote it out