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A Summer Storm

A Summer Storm

55.9K Reads 1.8K Votes 4 Part Story
The Light Between Oceans By LightBetweenOceans Completed

"I need this summer to be perfect, Eli," I whispered, knowing he would somehow understand again. "I don't get another shot at this."
  Cora Ellsworth only has one thing on her bucket list-spend one wonderful summer at Martha's Vineyard, gloriously free and alive.
  Eli Davis, the island's resident heartbreaker, puts his name down on her list and assigns himself as her official guide to an entire summer of living in the moment. 
  But what if, in teaching her life, Eli also teaches her the one thing she can never afford: love?
  It has never been in the cards for Cora and the last thing she wants is to hurt another person.
  Will Cora let old fears cage her once again or will she risk it all for one chance at everything she never thought she could have?

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