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The Alphas Unknown Daughter | ✓ (Rewritten)  by W0nd3rful-Dr3ams
The Alphas Unknown Daughter | ✓ ( W0nd3rful-Dr3ams
COMPLETED Two teenagers, a party and the unmistakeable mate pull, but what happens when it follows with a steamy night and a rejection the next day? Then only a month...
Royal Mess by AsteriS47
Royal Messby Bella
PREVIOUS RANKINGS: #1 in Humour Thank you all for reading, voting, commenting and fanning! Sending you an infinite supply of cookies, always. -Bella X Trixie Jems is...
Baby Maker by CaylahWest
Baby Makerby Caylah West
Amina is fresh out of college and looking for a job. Jax is a corporate heir who's entire life has been planned for him. When these two have a one night stand, their liv...
'This is my family'- The Rookie- Chenford-inspired fanfic. by Alongthezeroline
'This is my family'- The Rookie- Jojo
Lucy and the rest of the gang have no idea that one random weekend is going to change their lives significantly. Tamara feels grateful to have such wonderful people in...
delicate - jaylor fanfic - on hold because of the breakup  by caffeine_and_writing
delicate - jaylor fanfic - on cornellia street
Things don't always go according to plan. I certainly didn't set out on getting pregnant from a one-night stand after a few too many vodka cola zero. But here I am looki...
Scaraether: Would've, Could've, Should've by secreceree
Scaraether: Would've, Could've, ree
Where Scaramouche was pressured and felt lonely because his other friends had a lover, and Aether feels the same way and decided to pretend to be a couple. What had gone...
Full Disclosure (But I Thought You Knew) by Chels_Writes_A_Fic
Full Disclosure (But I Thought Chels_Writes_A_Fic
Hermione Granger never had the heart to tell her children that their father didn't want them, so she lied. She told them that he was a very busy man and that he didn't h...
The day she told someone - PROLOGUE OF TOGETHER OR APART by philinda_biatch
The day she told someone - Philinda Biatch
Melinda has a secret and it's getting harder to hide it from everyone - especially those who know her too well. So she does what any woman would in her situation; she te...
Roses For Chad | A Chad Alan fanfiction by Ibatouho
Roses For Chad | A Chad Alan Ibatouho
At that point, I knew I was in love with him. We were just dating, we were at his house. We had a mistake, we did. But it was the best mistake a person could make.
third time's the charm // flushed away by mxgnolixs
third time's the charm // a
rita and roddy decide that it's time to settle down and start a family. before they move to a new town, they throw a big goodbye party. rita wakes up pregnant with tripl...
LOVING A CHEATER by itsnotsyd
LOVING A CHEATERby aarthmadhav
In the aftermath of a drunken mistake, Minal wakes up beside her college ex-boyfriend, Prateek, consumed by guilt and desperate to conceal her infidelity from her husban...
Storm Before Spring by magentae_run
Storm Before Springby magentae_run
"Hyungwon-ah, kau mengenal banyak orang, bukan?" Hyungwon menatap sahabatnya yg duduk termangu di balkon kamarnya. Wajah Minhyuk tak seperti biasanya, ada kese...
Broken - Stephen Strange by sophiuhhh3
Broken - Stephen Strangeby sophia
She was broken, but he fixed her. He broke too, but she fixed him. At the darkest moments, they were each other's light in a world of misery and misfortune. Stephen Str...
A Night In L.A. by lilysplace
A Night In lilysplace
After Noah goes through a difficult breakup his sister suggests he goes on a vacation to get away. When he arrives to L.A. he meets a girl named Isabelle on the boardwal...
Simstory - Savannah Redman by jhb753
Simstory - Savannah Redmanby jhb753
I got bored one afternoon while I was playing Sims, so I decided to write story about them :) Basically, my Sims husband Geoffrey has been cheating on her with a woman...
We've Done It All Before (And Now We're Back to Get Some More) by marblerose_
We've Done It All Before (And Ep.onine
Anakin Niima grew up without a father. His mother, Rey Niima, never wanted to speak of that subject. She always, avoided every question, so he stopped asking. Now in hi...
Fake Fiancè by Ibatouho
Fake Fiancèby Ibatouho
Pregnant, with my friend's idol's child. This is not what I wanted to happen to me.
GOT YOU BABY (on-going) by loreng_viks
GOT YOU BABY (on-going)by loraine✨
Hanggang saan ba aabot ang isang pagkakamali? Hanggang saan ba aabot ang isang beses? Ano ba ang kayang baguhin ng isang pagkakamali? Trixie is an university's bad bitc...
Quiet Lives by sunsetrose300
Quiet Livesby sunsetrose300
Ashley makes a decision that starts a war, then she falls in love. If you don't like the pregnancy trope, DON'T READ!!!