White Eyes {Peter Maximoff~ XMen}

White Eyes {Peter Maximoff~ XMen}

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I run into the room, I see a girl with tangled curls and blood everywhere around her, she looked like a skeleton with a thin layer of skin on it, but she had the most beautiful eyes, grey, but they were dull, almost as if she were dead. I looked to the man who seemed to be beating her, and realized I needed to get her to safety, as Xavier told me. Raven had given me special instructions on what to do and they were both waiting for me outside.

The girl looked to me, confusion built on her face. I was confused too, she could see me? Now was not the time to think about this I could see she was gushing blood, and she needed help, fast.

I quickly broke the chain connecting her to the wall. And scooped her up, her blood smeared on my clothes. I held her tight to my chest, I could feel her fear of me and what was happening, but how? No one should be able to see me when I'm running. I looked down to her. Her frail body was light, too light, her eyes stared at me.

"Help me..." she said squeezing my shirt and jacket in her bloody hands. She fell unconscious her head laying in my chest which I felt was quite comfortable. I regripped my hand under her legs and ran through the maze of hallways to get out. I felt protective of this girl I was holding, yet I've never even met her...

Gray Cannon Thorne and her twin brother, Rein Chester Thorne, are different. Every time they sleep there eyes change. If one wakes up with black iris's the other wakes up with white. On a good normal day they will both wake up with one eye black and the other white. 

   With every eye color comes different problems.

I don't own any of the characters except for the ones I've made i.e


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Mmm horrific is more like it but yeah, interesting is also a word...
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