|Naruto Various x Reader|

|Naruto Various x Reader|

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Tiny Chrysanthemum By Pink_Porcupines Updated Nov 16, 2017

[Y/N] Sekozawa was born in the leaf village and raised by the only remaining members of her clan, her older brother, uncle, and mother. She never saw herself as the type to be liked, that was until she went to the academy and finally became a ninja. [Y/N]'s life takes a new turn when she discovers the secrets about her clan and finds that she is being chased by the young ninjas of Konoha who are fighting for her heart.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or it's characters. All parts taken from the show rightfully belong to Masashi Kishimoto.

Another disclaimer: the cover photo belongs to @lonelyspacegays , a lovely writer and photographer who blessed me enough as to use it.

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Rinari_Yumiko Rinari_Yumiko Nov 05, 2017
I never I mean never fixed my bed because it will always be mess again😆
Rinari_Yumiko Rinari_Yumiko Nov 05, 2017
This is literally my first thought when I the first time I watch Sasuke.
SyphonRaige SyphonRaige Dec 03, 2017
The face Oreo-pedo makes when he goes to the park and sees a little boy by himself...
UnK0Wn_AimZ UnK0Wn_AimZ Dec 30, 2017
WTF??!?! I mean... Its funny but no... *bursts out laughing*
StarShadowNightshade StarShadowNightshade Nov 27, 2017
My morning routine: Wake up, get dressed, go to school.
                              Wow, so eventful...
storm_raven storm_raven Dec 05, 2017
Yas!!!!!!!!!!! Trying desperately to control my laughter since I’m sitting with family I think imma bout to die!!!!