I'm a slave but Free (Sasuke Lovestory/ Naruto Fanfic) WATTY'S 2016

I'm a slave but Free (Sasuke Lovestory/ Naruto Fanfic) WATTY'S 2016

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Rin Yuko is a young girl who was taken from her village by Orochimaru. Her whole family was killed the same night. Or that's how the story goes.

She was tortured at the age of 5 until she finally became the perfect tool. She trained her whole life being a slave, a weapon, for anyone who found her useful to their disposal. 

On her 14th birthday Orochimaru gave her a curse mark seal and said whoever he gives the exact same one, she'll be their eternal servant. 

What happens when the person he gives the seal to is none other then Sasuke? 

*In the story Sasuke will already be 16 and Rin will be 15.*

ClickBait_ ClickBait_ Mar 12, 2016
I head the 'beep beep boop' go off in the background as she stared blankly and full of CONFUSION towards Sasuke XD lmfao
deidara_4_life deidara_4_life Jul 28, 2016
If this was me I'd have a seizure that lasted 28263917262992736389173672828364 years
Wakai-Yuzaki Wakai-Yuzaki Jun 07, 2016
So she is a slave her sanity is 0% and now she is just a tool not insane
SweetHeartfilia SweetHeartfilia Oct 15, 2016
Opedomaru you must of slammed her really hard to make her think like this....