I want her [Naruto fanfic~ Uchiha (Itachi/Sasuke) X OC love story

I want her [Naruto fanfic~ Uchiha (Itachi/Sasuke) X OC love story

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Yamazaki Hana(OC) a simple girl of Leaf village, special person to the third Hokage, since her parents had given up their lives while battling against nine-tailed fox, when Naruto's parents died too. Naruto was treated badly but Hana was loved by everyone in the village. Hana befriends Naruto, even after the people warn her about him. She later on finds out that, she belongs to Sand village. Her deep secret is revealed, which she herself is unaware of, until someone reveals it at brink of her death. She falls in love with one of the Uchiha brother but the other Uchiha brother loves her too and also fights to win her. 3:) 

I hope my description sounds a bit, okay. ^__^ 


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0_Gone_0 0_Gone_0 May 07, 2017
Only kakashi would use his 'eye' to find his missing porn 😓
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Damn she would be at my waist since I'm 5'5 don't worry I'm gonna get taller tho 👩🏻‍🎤👹
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Baby don’t worry you’re my only!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️
                              Even if the sky is falling downnnn!!!!
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Even if the sky is falling down!....dowwwnnnn!....dowwwnnnn!
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She's so tiny!!! I don't fit this description!!! I'm 5'8 & 1/2😂😂!!!
*The world is ending*
                              Me:SHIKAMARU WAKE UP THE WORLD IS ENDING!
                              Shikamaru: What a drag.. Troublesome women
                              *leaves shikamaru