Legacy of a Flower: Naruto

Legacy of a Flower: Naruto

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This is the story of a girl whose mother was known for being kicked out of her own clan. 

The girl who was found in the woods that surrounded Konoha.

The girl who kept her crazy, cheery, and sarcastic attitude even after something horrible happened.

The girl who meets someone important. Someone who may or may not accept her. Who may hate her.

The girl who plans on keeping her mothers legacy and dreams going.

The girl who was name after a flower.

The girl who goes by the name Lily Yoshida.

Ps. Don't own Naruto just my OC and whoever else is obviously not in Naruto!! (Duh)

  • action
  • adventure
  • funny
  • gaara
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AMonsterLikeHuman AMonsterLikeHuman Aug 21, 2017
Third Time reading this story, I've been off this site for a long time.
animelover1992 animelover1992 Dec 25, 2017
Fanfiction like this one is very rare. I am now very eager to read onward
First chapter and I'm already wishing I found this book earlier! Can't remember when I was this hooked! Keep up the great work Author-senpai!! 😊😊
My little sisters name is lily I don’t know how to feel about this, she can be a real bitch sometimes
Nothing0But0Blank Nothing0But0Blank Jul 04, 2017
Is someone cutting  onions 
                              Me: Yes because i'm cooking dinner while reading.
I would cry but my dog is right next to me, eating his food. I have no idea how got into my room with his food bowl. 😂😂