Beauty and the Beast - Uchiha Madara Love Story

Beauty and the Beast - Uchiha Madara Love Story

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Midnight_Lilac By Midnight_Lilac Completed

Harumi, or Haru chan is just as normal as a normal person can be.

Well, that't how she appears on the outside. Innocent, cheerful and loved by all. And its impossible to think that a girl like Harumi has a secret that frightens most other normal people.

Thrown into a new world, will she get the acceptance of her secret? And what happens when a particular Uchiha seems to have more plans for her than just her secret abilities?

  • adventure
  • akatsuki
  • fantasy
  • kabuto
  • love
  • madara
  • naruto
  • ninja
  • orochimaru
  • pottery
  • uchiha
the first thing that comes into my mind when Kim comes up is:
                              Kim Taehyung
                              Kim Jongin
                              Kim Jongdae
                              Kim Minseok
GabrielMerrick GabrielMerrick Feb 16, 2016
I've always wanted to write a fanfic called 'Beauty and the Beast' with Gaara and ...actually i dont know who. Damn, that's probably why every time i go to write it, it ends up sound crap...
Jinxx_is_back Jinxx_is_back Jun 03, 2016
Did anyone else read ceramist as Ciera Mist? . . . Maybe I'm just thirsty
- - Mar 21, 2016
'Everybody loves her'...totally not ringing sue-alarms lol. But seriously can this be real life?? 😂
achermens achermens Mar 16, 2016
Reminds me of Inuyasha, will she fall in a well and find a smexy white haired neko. Who knows
PrincessRaniaJack PrincessRaniaJack Jan 19, 2016
Im actually scared to read this because your other madara love story was so scary it game meh the creeps bc it was so detailed and good