Avengers Movie Night (Reader x Avengers)

Avengers Movie Night (Reader x Avengers)

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Aw, Shucky Ducky. By MistressAngrboda Completed

Tony paused as he placed the snacks on a platter. "Jarvis, do I jabber? Tell me honestly."

There was a minute or two of dead silence before the AI spoke up. Clint held back a snicker.

"Er, Sir, if I say yes...will you dismantle me?"

Tony kept his eyes on prefecting the snack tray and chuckled creepily, suddenly holding up a knife. 

"As I said Sir, you do not jabber in the least."

Clint shook his head, taking the bowl of popcorn into the living room.


What happens when you bring an immortal, former Prince, to a movie night with the avengers? 

A hot mess.

Especially when the selected movies are about them.


PG-13 for some language and...Avenger-ness. None of this crazy jazz would happen anyway.

Guess what? No smut. Yeah, I suck. However, suggestive themes may occur.

First and second chapters set after The Avengers. Later chapters are during beginning of AOU.

©All characters belong to...Okay, you know what? Do you really think I'd be sitting here if I owned Marvel?

He's just crabby because of Thor withholding sweets... he secretly reads fanfics involving Tom when no one is around. :p