YouTube High School

YouTube High School

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It's finally happening. Senior year has arrived, and for a special group of friends, hopes are high. But what will happen as they face their own conflicts? Accepting adulthood, maintaining relationships, friendships, and grades, and fighting back against bullies has never been harder.

Mark and Jack are madly in love, but one shocking revelation may change everything.

Felix and Cry try to mend their broken relationship, but Cry is hiding a dangerous, dark secret. 

Ken is crushing on Mary, who is stuck in a troublesome relationship with a fellow classmate that uses her, degrades her, and hurts her.

Wade hits on Minx, who could care less. Who needs a man anyways?

As long as they make it out alive, this is going to be one hell of a story. 

Disclaimer: Story will include ideologically sensitive material such as alcohol use, male pregnancy, violence, language, and minor sexual content. Possible cameos by other YouTubers!

Pup-Is-Paranoid Pup-Is-Paranoid 6 days ago
oh shît I see what's goin on here mhmhmmhmmmmmhmmmmhhhhhjmmmm ;^)
jacks pregnant? that sure isn't anatomy but ok.. I'm good wit it tbh(:
Ya sure? I mean you may have been drunk. It could possibly be.
My friend put penut butter on my face, im allergic
                              And gota big rash on my cheak and couldn't come back for a week. So when we got into class I got a shrp pencil and stapped her. I got suspended
Jack: im Gonna-
                              Me: *peels back wall*
                              Are you sure about that
When you want to steal Wade in hid him in your closet with Mark, Jack, Pewds,Cry, Bob,
                              Also HOW THE FAK DID YOU GET BACK THERE