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PERCY JACKSON By PercyJackson1218 Updated Jan 17

It was the best moment.

 Me and Annabeth sitting on the beach and enjoying the view.

 After all those experience in Tartarus, fighting Gaia, there couldn't be more chaos in our life after that.

 But I was wrong....

On our way I heard a huge scream.


A hellhound was chasing him. 

I ran towards him and killed the hellhound in the matter of seconds. 

The boy was in shock so Chiron said us to take him to Hermes cabin. 


I woke up and saw the time. HOLY HERA! ! It was 10 am. 

Annabeth is gonna kill me.

 We had a sort of date.

 I went to fighting arena. 

I was just on time, the boy who came yesterday was claimed by Nike.

 Oh wow! A new demigod of Nike. 

Well I didn't knew his name. "Hey wise girl, what's his name?" 

"Jake Pierce "she replied........

And this was the beginning of my bad days..........


(This is my first book so please don't mind my mistakes but please inform me and please don't feel offended by my mistakes. )

Mission_Earth_Member Mission_Earth_Member Aug 29, 2016
Is it just me or does Leo look like a five year old in the picture?
AlbusDumbldore777 AlbusDumbldore777 Nov 14, 2016
Is it just me or did anyone else realize they called Percy a girl?
PurpleCookieCake PurpleCookieCake Dec 03, 2016
I love this story! But, one suggestion. Could you perhaps double-check your spelling? Otherwise it is really good! 
                              P.S. Sorry if I sound rude I just don't like misused grammar and spelling
Great, but where did the ring come from? Besides, Gods know things when they are happening, how could they suspect Percy so easily?