Pure Hope (Pure Bliss Series: Book 3) (In need of editing)

Pure Hope (Pure Bliss Series: Book 3) (In need of editing)

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*All we have is hope.*

In a town full of psycho stalkers, vampires, werewolves, hunters, & a killer on the loose, Meadow Valley is nothing but peaceful.

Hope Collins wishes something in her life would change. The small town of Meadow Valley is always just the same & Hope is sick of it. She's determinded to have some fun & look for things out of the ordinary.

Hope doesn't understand her mom sometimes. Like why she never talks about her own high school years. Yeah, she's a great mom, but most of the time Hope doesn't understand why she always seems so...distant. But things take a turn when Hope finds her mom's old diary. Not to mention the newspaper articles. Maybe her mom's teenage life wasn't quite like most.

Bliss Collins has grown up. She's now fourty-one years old. She has a life of her own with two kids- Hope & Ambition. She's given up hope in finding her old boyfriend, Dylan Heart. It has been twenty-three years since she's last seen Dylan, at least in person. Dreams still haunt her. Bliss doesn't know what to think about Dylan. Was he still in that horrible place? Had he ever escaped? Doubtful. One thing's for sure, she'll never give up hope. But will she ever find him?

~This is the THIRD book of The Pure Bliss Series~