Pure Misery (Pure Bliss Series: Book 2) (In need of serious editing)

Pure Misery (Pure Bliss Series: Book 2) (In need of serious editing)

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*Bliss, I have & always will love you, no matter what happens, forever. Out of all of this...misery we've been going through, you're the greatest thing that's ever happened to me.*

In a town full of psycho stalkers, vampires, werewolves, hunters, & a killer on the loose, Meadow Valley is nothing but peaceful. 

Matt Daze won't stop. He would do anything to add a little misery into Bliss Collins's life. He's got a master plan that won't fail this time & is hiding out with the vampires, Dean Addison & Dani Lucee, at the Meadow Hotel. Being a wanted criminal, it's a little uneasy feeling like you're being watched. Either Matt is just parinoid or something isn't right...

Anna Belle is one of the unfortunate hearts that Matt Daze broke long ago. She wants Matt to pay for what he did. How far will she go to get her sweet revenge?

Bree is an important part of Dean Addison's past. He claims that she's dangerous, but will Matt listen?

Raeann James -werewolf hunter- has a problem. A problem that could be life-altering. How will she deal with the new & scary obstacle in her life? & will she tell anyone about it? What do you do when surviving becomes a challenge?

Dylan Heart & Bliss Collins are together & strong. Nothing can come between them, as though it seems. Their troubles aren't over, not even close. Still grieving over the death of a loved one, how much more can they both handle?

You think you know a person & then they betray you, leaving you in pure misery.

~This is the SECOND book of The Pure Bliss Series~