Double Jinx (Wattys2017)

Double Jinx (Wattys2017)

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Carebear! By The_Queen_97 Completed

It's been ten years since silent Genevieve has stepped foot in the town where all hell broke loose. Memories of abuse and pain were masked by one thing and one thing only, Ace: the boy who saved her life but died while doing so. He was long gone, resting in peace.

Or maybe not.

Now orphaned by a tragic accident, Genevieve finds herself back in the incredibly small town of Barren Valley, Nevada,  but she discovers that dust and rumors aren't the only thing that remains. So remains a boy, the same one she knew to be dead. So how could he be standing in front of her, staring at her like he'd seen a ghost? 

Although Ace is sure enough alive, his past is shadowed by bad decisions, gang violence... and murder? Ace is keeping a secret, one so great that it might threaten Genevieve's new life and pull her right back into a world of suffering. Now, Ace's life is spiraling out of control and only Genevieve knows the story of what's plaguing Ace's mind. Can she stop him from ruining himself, or is she already too late?

A past written in blood, a house haunted by strange shadows, unexplainable candles, and a lone boy standing amongst it all to save what he's already lost. Through twists and turns, somehow these two have found one another yet again. Some may call that fate. 

Others just call it really bad luck.  

© - 2016  (rating - PG13)

  • abuse
  • bad
  • boy
  • danger
  • fiction
  • gangs
  • hope
  • love
  • pain
  • relationships
  • romance
  • suffering
  • teen
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Tears so, cripst as they roll down my red cheeks. I was just going g to say this made me cry, but it's really well-written so, to be fair I wrote something with a little more discripition. Anyway this is amazing and I do this know why I never read it before.
Every four months I reread all your books, so here we go on number 3
There love is breaking my heart in two! I wish adults and teens could hold this type of love for each other.
Okay so this will be my third time reading this book and my dumbàss still doesn’t get the title
If I could get in there and drag everyone!!!, I really would 🙄
I practically miss these type of  childhood innocence tbh. There's just sth gentle and sweet about these sorts of moments that cannot be replaced💕