Hetalia x Male Reader

Hetalia x Male Reader

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Alex By cutiefemboy Updated 5 days ago

Hetalia x Male Reader Oneshots!
This is my first book and I am so happy for the many reads! 
I do take requests, just comment or leave me a direct message and I'll tag you in it when it's uploaded. (I do regulars, fluff, limes and lemons!)

Lots of Hugs, Alex <3

This is a Wattpad book. If you are reading this on platforms other than Wattpad, you may get a malware attack. So please go to https://www.wattpad.com/story/74630835-hetalia-x-male-reader to read it in its original, safe version. Thank you.

(Please don't copy, i work hard on these oneshots. Also i don't own Hetalia or you, but i like to say that i own the plot.)

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tiredbluboi tiredbluboi Oct 27, 2017
As a trans dude it makes me so happy that I can read fanfics that I can relate to. Like, when you search up "Hetalia x Reader", usually it's only female readers and it sucks since you're a guy. Thanks so much for this!
PsychoBroG36c PsychoBroG36c Apr 17, 2017
Belarus would have killed the narrator if she found out... Just thought you should know, not trying to ruin anyone's fun.
CanadianMapleLeaf CanadianMapleLeaf Oct 13, 2017
Dear America....
                              Stop. You ruin everything and it's very annoying but you're still my strange patriotic son so keep it up but back the heck off.
otaku-fujoshi_queen otaku-fujoshi_queen Dec 21, 2016
Can you make Romano x reader?
                              I know,I'm a girl but I like pretending to be one
CraigLovesEbichu CraigLovesEbichu Aug 11, 2016
Sweet dude! I love the way you write your stories. Also, for it being your second language, your grammar and spelling was really good!
MidnightWinter1 MidnightWinter1 Dec 29, 2016
when they kissed they didn't realize that japan was taking pictures and video taping