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"Accept it." She gave him a bag. It contained a watch as a gift! The same gift which He refused to accept. He glanced at it then again put his full concentration on the road

"Didn't you hear that I refused?" 

"Yeah, I heard it. Btw, why did you refuse to accept it? You don't seem like a noble character! Anyway, you almost died because of me!" She retorted stubbornly

"I already said that--.." He was repeating the same words but She cut him in between

"You're the one who think it doesn't matter but I have to repay you! No matter what. Ahh.. I see, do you want cash by any chance? C'mon tell me." She smirked. She thought that He needed cash? Nah! Never! He wasn't greedy for money

"What if I want something different Ms Kashyap?" He gave a lip sided smile.

"What do you want? Tell me frankly, I'll give you." She said looking at his direction. He stopped the car on the side of the road. He stared at Nandini who was already giving him a confuse look

"What if I don't want that watch but YOU.." She was stunned by his words! He wanted her?!

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neel is also of her age kya? i like him :)
                              seems like a person who cares fr her :)
Sofiafarooq1 Sofiafarooq1 Jun 15, 2016
Nice update.
                              It's realy amazing start.
                              He is a player boy yet faultless.
                              At the end nandni Manik face off.
                              Manik is player she is seriouse girl with attitude. It will be fun to read further.
                              Next part soon plz.
TseringWangmo TseringWangmo Sep 19, 2016
Yes I saw that drama song Jong ki I think the male actor jus starting with the first chapter , I like it already shed a few tears.looking forward to ur interpretation 😀
AatishaKhatun AatishaKhatun Jun 25, 2016
Wow awesome story with full of drama I love this amazing full of entertainment