On The Road

On The Road

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Sarah Todd By SarahTodd3 Updated Sep 03, 2013

" Britney, can we please get going? I Want to get there early enough so I can possibly get a chance to meet them." Kaitlyn asked her sister, following her to the back of the house.

Britney grabbed her brush out of the bathroom, and began to run it through her long dark blonde hair. " Will you calm down? Your lucky I'm even bringing you to the concert."

" I could have gone by myself. You didn't have to invite yourself along just because Amber couldn't come with me."

" You may be very capable of going by yourself, but you know how much I worry about you."

" That's only because our little sister got herself into some trouble. But I'm nothing like her. 

 She is the one you should be worrying about. I'm not going to sleep with some stranger and 

 get myself pregnant like she did."

" Right. Because you've never put yourself in that situation before." Britney rolled her eyes. 

 " You got lucky when you got into that car with that stranger last year. He could have..."

" I swear, I mak...

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OMG this is the first time that I saw a Hanfic on wattpad wow