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Pregnant (Emilio Martinez) by tommywolly
Pregnant (Emilio Martinez)by tommywolly
Molly Dawson and Emilio Martinez make a great couple. That is, until she finds out she is pregnant with his BABY!😱🤰👶
Behind the Camera (Team 10 Fanfic) by adrodr0302
Behind the Camera (Team 10 Fanfic)by Gyu's moon🌸
If I knew what would happen, would I do it all again. [First ever story and first completed story]
Team 10 Imagines by authenticmiya
Team 10 Imaginesby Imagines❄️
Team 10 Imagines❤️ These are my own imagines, so if you chose to use them, please put it in your story that they were originally mine #alwaysplug 1 of 2 Team 10 imagines...
Emilio Martinez *SMUT*  by ItsCasityB
Emilio Martinez *SMUT* by ItsCasityB
Mature content Emilio and Y/N met one day and become good friends things get a little frisky between you once Emilio figures out your secret.
team 10 imagines ✔️ by ifyoucanbelieve
team 10 imagines ✔️by - VANILLA SCARLETT
my clean imagines for team 10! - please do not repost my imagines & it would be appreciated if you see anyone doing this to message me! -no bad language or negative beha...
SexSlave (Martinez Twins) by brookiixx10
SexSlave (Martinez Twins)by brookiixx10
Have you ever noticed that there are so many guys in team 10 but hardly any of them ever date anyone? That's because of me.
Team 10 imagines and prefrences  by arcticxflames
Team 10 imagines and prefrences by arcticxflames
I DO NOT APPROVE OF THIS ORGANIZATION- THIS IS WHEN I SUPPORTED them idk why imagines include: jake paul anthony trujillo chance sutton kade speiser emilio martinez ivan...
8 Hot Youtubers And Me | {Finished} by Random_writer_35
8 Hot Youtubers And Me | {Finished}by Not gonna say
(Book 2) I was going to have another boring weekend. I got a letter. I looked at it. Just like last time but now I have 8 youtubers all to myself
Team 10 imagines by yallwhack
Team 10 imaginesby yallwhack
Tittle says all that needs to be said
martinez twins smut by prrrkjimin
martinez twins smutby ً
title says it all.
You're mine -Bogivan- by xbogivanx
You're mine -Bogivan-by xbogivanx
Ivan Martinez Meets a very interesting boy over the popular social media app 'tiktok' When they meet in person, They begin to get very close with each other and start t...
Cruel Love / Emilio Martinez  by JocelyneGiron
Cruel Love / Emilio Martinez by Jocelyne Giron
Your name is Vanessa, and you are secretly in love with the popular boy in school, and he is in love with you but he doesn't show it,this is all happening in school an...
Anything But Mine (d.s.) by chilling-seavey
Anything But Mine (d.s.)by chilling-seavey
Florence DiCaprio finds herself navigating life as a nineteen-year-old mother; trying to find the right balance of friendships, young adulthood, and definitely relations...
Young love (Ivan Martinez) by kindakateh
Young love (Ivan Martinez)by kindakateh
When Jessica goes to Ohio for a week not knowing her whole life is about to change #344 IN TEEN FICTION 12/13/17
🦋Tristan Blane🦋 by nevaehberlin222
🦋Tristan Blane🦋by Nevaeh Berlin
Jackson Martinez (Emilio and Ivan Martinez little brother) is an 18 boy moved from Spain to L.A. for a new start in his life. He ran into the Dream L.A boys and his whol...
Mini Martinez (Sequel to Dating one of the Martinez Twins) by allytod
Mini Martinez (Sequel to Dating on...by allytod
Hey I'm Ally, I've been dating Ivan Martinez for almost a year. Ivan is the best boyfriend ever, we love each other so much. We never keep secrets from each other but th...
Little One// Ivan Martinez  by Angel_Martinez24
Little One// Ivan Martinez by Angel Martinez
Ivan Martinez... now that's an interesting topic. Are we just friends, or are we more? The both of us are two teenagers who are too akward to talk about our feelings, we...
The smut book by DaddyDolanxo
The smut bookby Daddy dolans 😍
About... -Dolan Twins -Team 10: •Emilio•Jake•Chance•Ivan•Anthony•Chad •Alex•Tessa -Logan Paul -Maybe some riverdale