Arranged Bonds

Arranged Bonds

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(Book 1)

The name of Wrenley Nightingale's new mate. 

Her pack is in desperate need of trainers, of warriors. She is their sacrifice. She is given so that the pack may receive security once again. 

No one told her that he wouldn't treat her like a mate. 

No one told her that she would now lead an existence that relies on baring his pups. 

No one told her that his heart was already taken years ago, that she would have to work to claim it as her own.

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Amber2987 Amber2987 Aug 25
Erm this is more like what I'd wear at night if I wanted to impress the other half... 😐😐
Lady_Nae Lady_Nae Apr 18
So much for what she thought would be a nice surprise from the sister she was looking forward to seeing later
- - Oct 03
I can already tell that this book is going to be great. I'm so glad my friend recommended it.
It may be nice for nightwear, but when you have to wear it in public where about a 100 people or more are watching's just cringe
mahsurijewa mahsurijewa Jul 17
Well she'll be screaming tonight if things turns out right 😏 (I'm sorry )
This is what's happening is bad . But this is  written well .