Your His Father But Hes Not Your Son. (Complete)

Your His Father But Hes Not Your Son. (Complete)

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Trinity Davis By Trinz26 Completed

This story is about a girl and her mate, Yeah they are werewolves  & she's soon & shes soon rejected and..... pregnant at 16 so leaving town feels like the only thing to do so she does for 3 years actually.  everything was fine her and her baby we're good perfect even she had started a new life New friends it was working.  until she had to go back for her big sisters wedding...   that's when everything unfolds especially since her sister is marrying into the pack her mate is the alpha of. 

Book cover by Tragically_Sarcastic, amazing cover! 😍 Thank you


Edit*(I know the cover says KiwiGurl that was my name but I changed it)

  • baby
  • bond
  • cute
  • destined
  • exciting
  • forever
  • love
  • loving
  • mates
  • special
  • sweet
  • together
  • werewolf
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I"m not a grammar freak and my grammar isn't perfect but I couldn't help noticing several mistakes in this sentence and your title. Here's the right way. Everything was fine, her and her baby were good and perfect even though she had to start a new life.
Danedere Danedere Jun 06, 2016
Hard to read if the word are together like; "Ilikechocolatemilk"
GroovyNinjette GroovyNinjette Sep 27, 2016
why is all of hopes words ran together?? Its kinda hard 2 read.
writeforever52 writeforever52 Jan 08, 2017
I understand that it's ur wedding but ur not. A very good sister if ur forcing her to meet a man that rejected her and got her pregnant,can't u just not not invite the alpha or leave trey with a friend