Broken Bonds

Broken Bonds

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(Book 2)
Beatrix is sick. 

She's sick of herself. 
She's sick of what she's done. 
She's sick of missing him. 
She's sick of wishing he would come back. 

And now he is. 

But he doesn't want her and she doesn't blame him, after all, how could she mistake his brother for him that night? How could she give her most precious gift away to his brother because of a drunken binge? 

She craves his forgiveness, but will he ever call her his honey Bee again?

blossom495 blossom495 Aug 08
It aches me that she's hurting but still finds the time and energy and heart to help her fellow wolves.
pinkforest pinkforest Aug 08
She has totally given up. I find it strange that only Wren has noticed the bruising.
blossom495 blossom495 Aug 08
Ohhh Lillian was her bestfriend? That was nice, a Were and a human friendship.
Okay, really strange question, how did you find the photo that you use for you cover?
pinkforest pinkforest Aug 08
That was a very intense start. We see a different side to Beatrix.
Omg this is so sad.  Seeing this makes you question people more. Not everything is as it seems