Life With My Werewolf Mate

Life With My Werewolf Mate

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Harley By Dancingharley16 Completed

This is the sequel to Sold To My Werewolf Mate!!!***

Brinley is the first female Alpha in her region. She is going to be tested to her limits. With the help of her mate Hayden, Alpha of the Black Paw Pack, she is going to rise to whatever test the Moon Goddess is going to send their way. 

There is going to be life, love and death that attempts to suppress her. But she isn't the Alpha female for no reason. Her mate begins their love story by marking her against her will, and then chaining her up for a week for not agreeing with him.

Brinley will have some serious ass to kick in this thrilling story.

mikaeladurante mikaeladurante Sep 28, 2016
larapus larapus May 04, 2016
But wait, describing someone's looks doesn't make you sound like a girl...
Husky_Dog_Lover Husky_Dog_Lover Apr 13, 2016
Wait you can just leave it like that?!
                              She lost a baby now got a new one, how though.
                              Are you just going to leave that quistion hanging?!
LyssaLoo521 LyssaLoo521 Aug 03, 2016
He just happens to know her middle name. She probs told him and I forgot tho.
NinjaFischbach NinjaFischbach Apr 05, 2016
Damn cat, Back at it again with the blue strapless dress
                              NOT TO MENTION THE MID-THIGH
Savagepotato12 Savagepotato12 May 11, 2016
I found someone is copying your book with the goddamn same title and cover.