Stolen First Times (Stolen Times, #1)

Stolen First Times (Stolen Times, #1)

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Elijah Reed is my enemy, uh I mean neighbor.

He gives a whole new meaning to the term "bad boy" and I would like nothing better than for him to leave me alone. The problem is that he basically declared war on me when he moved in next door. He stole my first kiss and vowed to steal all my other first times. Elijah's older brother, Uriah, had apologized for his rude behavior.

I said it was alright. 

I would get my revenge. 

At least that's what I thought.


That was my first kiss. 

And he had stolen it. 

"What the hell, Elijah?" Uriah growled. 

"You need to watch your back because I swear, I will get you back for this," I said with my hands on my hips. 

"Don't tell me that was your first kiss, Vic," he said. 

I blushed hard and stuttered, "N-No, of course not."



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yrtufino yrtufino Nov 18
Boiiii , lets fight , right now....wait not right now im gonna eat food ... But afterwards , in the woods .....i recommend you say your last words before you come.........shhhh.....
marinahal1 marinahal1 Nov 13
Dude, look.. If I make you breakfast in bed a simple ''Thank you'' will suffice. None of this ''How did you get into my house'' business. So rude
Me I would not. I would turn around and continue talking with my back to him. Because I can already see this leading to a big heep of drama
Haha I love when the love interest is an ass it makes the book not cliche
Samanthawsa Samanthawsa Nov 21
Love that reverse spycho log (don't know how to spell  the word (
erickbcolon erickbcolon Oct 31
your school loans 'pink' clothes ?mines loans shitty uniforms. be grateful 😂