Don't Fall for Me

Don't Fall for Me

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I was doing just fine my junior year of high school. I mean I did pick fights once in a while and my grades weren't the best, but I was doing okay. Xander was my best friend, actually my only friend. We didn't need anyone else, really. 

But then Ryker came back more badass than ever. I've hated him since we were children and apparently the feeling is mutual. We don't get along. He's cocky, arrogant, and downright mean. We were better off while he was gone.

He should never have moved back.

So, I stole his motorcycle.

Then he told me not to fall for him.


I went over to the door and jumped back when it opened. Ryker came back in, pushing me up against one of the lockers. 

He locked his eyes on my lips and I gasped. He smirked. 

"Don't fall for me, Angel." 

With that, he stepped away from me and left again for good. 

What the hell?

Did he honestly have the audacity to tell me not to fall in love with him? I clenched my fists, shoving the door open to confront the cocky jerk.

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Haha that’s great he really likes her but just scared to tell her
Ddwriting16 Ddwriting16 Mar 11, 2017
Watch her be a sophomore too. And the girl he likes has grey eyes and is his best friend. I wonder who it is...?
showdown_queen showdown_queen Mar 14, 2017
LMAO! then this happens in Accidentally kidnapped! His poor hand lol
_helloimjordan _helloimjordan Apr 14, 2017
Fight back omg, you say you're sarcastic and get in fights, fight back then
Ddwriting16 Ddwriting16 Mar 11, 2017
Don't even get me started on hair that won't do what you want it to
lolface1738a lolface1738a 2 days ago
I feel as if he never gonna get his motorcycle back😂😂😂😂 *ps* i havent read the chapter yet so dont judge😂