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Bad is an Understatement ✔

Bad is an Understatement ✔

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Ivy Knight By IvyKnightWP Completed

"I don't know who you think you are coming here, and acting like you don't care about anything. Now listen here Princess, because I'm not going to repeat myself. Here's a couple of rules that I'd like to enlighten upon you. Number one, you do not talk back to me. And two, you don't mess with me or the rules," his breath fans my face and I close my eyes. The proximity between us was terrifying. 

"I've dealt with many bitches like you, so I suggest that you follow those rules unless you want to end up like them," - he leans in. His mouth lingers near my ear, "used."

... "... You might think that you run this place, but you do not run me. Understand? And the sooner you understand that, the better it'll be for the both of us," I warn staring right into his eyes before walking away. I was more than amused by his dumbfounded expression. 

I stop, and turn back around, facing him, "And one piece of advice, know what you're fishing for before you start fishing. What if you find a shark and it reels you in, instead?"

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⇒Highest rank: 1 in Chicklit on 01.08.16
⇒Sequel is: Hate is an Understatement {Coming Summer 2017}

Okayyyy...... *runs out of door quickly because the room might explode*
Wait, I'm confused. At what age do people usually go to college?
kvngellie kvngellie Jul 13
Lol. Im confused tho she's 21 but starting as a freshy right??
spookyjade spookyjade 6 days ago
July 18, 2017
                              6:29 PM
                              California, United States
                              15% and charging. :)
morganp4 morganp4 Jul 10
How can she just come out with all of that. She barely knows her room mate. *Slowly disappears into the shadows*
chaixox chaixox Jul 11
Um ok
                              11th July, 2017
                              North London, England
                              69% (not even joking😂)