Going to a Delinquent School for Boys, While Living with 11 of Them...

Going to a Delinquent School for Boys, While Living with 11 of Them...

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Rachel By Rach_and_Bake Updated Sep 30, 2012

Aria Strider is a 16 year old girl whose been in the foster system, for 3 years. After her only family died in a car crash with her younger sister Cali, she has nowhere to go. 

Until, the police chief of Waughtown finds her a family friend for her to stay with fot 2 years. 

This house hold is a little different from other families. Just by having 11 boys and having all of them gorgeous. 

Not to mention, living in the Tucker houshold, she will have to go to an all boys school--for delinquent boys. How will she ever survive, being in a school with girl deprived boys?

So how will Aria survive in a household of 11 boys? 

Aria will be on epic adventure...

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apolloskid88 apolloskid88 Apr 13, 2017
The only promises that i take like super seriously is sister promise. Me and my step sister made it up. Like if we break it then we break trust
noneyourbusiness1 noneyourbusiness1 Feb 05, 2016
My dad was a foster kid and he never stopped running and yea things happened to him... My mom grew up in Compton so yea things happened to her... I've had friends like this but none of them smart enough to actually go with the cops😔 I love this book already...
bobothemuffin bobothemuffin Aug 04, 2016
I know this is very rude and all... but I read car wash instead of car crash
noneyourbusiness1 noneyourbusiness1 Feb 05, 2016
When ever my dad tells me his stories I just get mad at all of my spoiled friends including myself because we have it good and others not so much... Ima stop being deep now so I can enjoy the book so dueces✌🏽
yolothatshit yolothatshit Dec 09, 2016
Omygod I feel the exact same way Pinky promises are very important to me like if I'm MAKE one with u know I'm gonna keep it and if u break a pinky promise I feel totally betrayed or mad😂
Undercover_Nerd22 Undercover_Nerd22 Jan 02, 2016
Hey its better than being in twenty one foster homes in one month... 😐