Garmau One Shots

Garmau One Shots

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Taehyung By SuperStar869 Updated 5 days ago

"I won't promise anything" I say trying to hide my smirk

A sudden chill runs through her and I feel my arms raise up from where they were before. Her small body is soon in my arms and I blush at the position we're in

"We're not in public" She whispers trying to push me off

I hug her tighter and breathe in her beautiful rosy scent.

"Who said we had to be" -Wings lll

*  *  *

A story produced by SuperStar869~

|| Cover made by @OGFuckboiJawx ||

I talked about bullying on my book so I have done my part. But its sad to see or hear others getting bullied. And I don't know anyone who would bully you. Your pretty, smart, nice, funny, and more.
Can I re-write this chapter into my books?It may help alot of people,and also spread the message...
mexicana853 mexicana853 Jun 30
I was verbal bullied in their and fifth grade so before I got out for summer but I was bullied by close friend the first time I deserved being that I was also beingvyhe bully the second time it was this tall fat vegetarian Girl she is just jelly so I didn't care but I did hurt a bit
Wow............ I guess I saw myself in my mind.......... I don't know what might happen in the future, but I know it's up to me and my choices........ Although I know not all of them will be good.....
They just want you to suffer.  Guess they want your reaction.
I've been bullied both physically and verbally because of my height and I wasn't too strong back then.I was beaten up by three kids,rude words.It really hurt me on the inside and out.I finally told a teacher and I was finally at peace and left alone from the bullies.