Garmau One Shots

Garmau One Shots

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Loma🕊 By SuperStar869 Updated Aug 06

"I won't promise anything" I say trying to hide my smirk

A sudden chill runs through her and I feel my arms raise up from where they were before. Her small body is soon in my arms and I blush at the position we're in

"We're not in public" She whispers trying to push me off

I hug her tighter and breathe in her beautiful rosy scent.

"Who said we had to be" -Wings lll

*  *  *

A story produced by SuperStar869~

|| Cover made by @OGFuckboiJawx ||

I never cut myself but I'll try my best to be positive always
Honestly I'm insensitive so this wasn't useful. I don't get bullied,, or if I do get bullied, I don't realize it
I'm aware my skin isn't paper. But I do cut it. But.... I won't anymore.
pastel_sugar pastel_sugar Jul 01, 2016
I talked about bullying on my book so I have done my part. But its sad to see or hear others getting bullied. And I don't know anyone who would bully you. Your pretty, smart, nice, funny, and more.
AlubyWritesBooks AlubyWritesBooks Sep 11, 2016
Can I re-write this chapter into my books?It may help alot of people,and also spread the message...
mexicana853 mexicana853 Jun 30, 2016
I was verbal bullied in their and fifth grade so before I got out for summer but I was bullied by close friend the first time I deserved being that I was also beingvyhe bully the second time it was this tall fat vegetarian Girl she is just jelly so I didn't care but I did hurt a bit