Wattpad's Best Romance

Wattpad's Best Romance

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Alexa_Rayne By Alexa_Rayne Updated Mar 28

Be it werewolf, or millionaires, or bad boys, once you've grab a hold on these stories, it is impossible to put down. These books are awe-inspiring, heart-stirring and spine-tingling that the emotional pull have you laughing, crying, shrieking and yelling along with the characters.  

Not to forget, the swoon-worthy leads that have you on your knees and heart in hand. 

Well, here is my wattpad's best romance novels.

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Yeancz Yeancz Jul 18
This is one of my favourite stories on wattpad. Totally unforgettable
uwitonana1 uwitonana1 May 07
Due to this first u recommended to us, I think I trust u to meet my expectations
Not to sound cocky  or anything but could you give me an opinion of my book: The Rebe You Knew
Svasda Svasda Jul 13
Hi Alexa, 
                              I must admit it has been a few months since I picked up this book and I have not yet been disappointed in your choices ! 
                              I think we have the same tastes which of course is the best :P 
                              Thank you for the time you took to make this review
EliesaL EliesaL Apr 24, 2016
This sounds very intriguing. You have a great style writing the reviews. I'm glad I came across your collections.
Winchesters_united Winchesters_united Aug 12, 2016
The Mischievous Mrs. Maxfield is one of my most favorite stories on wattpad. It's one no one can ever forget.