Hey Mr. Kidnapper

Hey Mr. Kidnapper

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 Okay. You're stuck in a locked car, with a stranger. You have nothing to defend yourself with, while the stranger has a gun. He wants to kidnap you and ransom you back to your parents. How are you meant to feel? Scared? Even...terrified?

Not me.

"Hey, can you pass me the toffee popcorn?" I asked, done with the massive Costco size twenty-pack of chocolate bars.

My kidnapper, the guy who was still nameless, glanced at me unbelievingly.

"You finished the chocolate already? That was meant to last us a month or so!"

I wiped some of the melted yummy-ness off my mouth.

"Whatever. I get hungry when I'm being kidnapped. You know, by a creepy nameless stranger. What's your name, by the way?" He glanced at me, disapprovingly. Okay, I changed my mind. He wasn't creepy - not at all. He was totally sweet-looking, with his big brown eyes and his brown hair - not the kidnapping kind of guy at all. From his biceps, I would say he was a Jock or something, and was about my age. Lucky me - the last...