(Chapter 18)

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I ran out, passing a couple girls. I ignored their angry titters. I had to go. I had to run. My feet slapped on the wet tarmac. I spilled out, into the car park. I could see my Dad's black helicopter, the blades still rotating lazily. It took the space of about a billion car spaces. I ran towards it, and saw my Dad.

He looked kind of worried, probably at my sweaty face, and the fact that I was running. I never ran in front of him - I always acted elegant and refined. Okay, barely. But I made an effort. Now...

No one but Josh was in my mind.

When I was close enough, I stumbled to a stop, my Dad holding up my shoulders for me.

"London," he said. I panted slightly, and I knew I was red. "Are you okay?"

Josh and Melissa.

"Dad..." I whispered, looking him straight into his eyes. "Do you trust me? Do you...?"

It was the kind of scene you would have in a movie... I could almost hear the sad, touching music playing, as my Dad looked into my eyes. He bit his lip, and his mouth parted slightly, and he said -

"No." His tone was flat.

I hit him hard, on his chest. He stumbled away slightly, and I took that chance to run towards the men guarding the helicopter.

"Love you, Dad!" I called back, waving at him.

He smiled, slightly. I'm guessing he didn't realize what I was doing.

The guards scattered, and I settled my foot onto the first step, pulling open the helicopter door.

"Get out!" I yelled at the helicopter pilot person - or whatever he was called. He took on look at me, and opened on the door on the other side, jumping out, landing with a thump.

I settled myself into the pilot seat, and clipped the seatbelt on - the only thing that looked familiar here. My fingers hovered over the thing that looked kind of like a throttle. I glanced up, out of the window, and saw my Dad flipping out. He seemed to have realized what I was doing. I bit my lip. I had to figure this out quickly.

His guards were running back to me, quickly. Come on...you had to have the courage to do this. For Josh.

I closed my eyes, and pushed down on to throttle...

The helicopter door opened.

My head spun around, just as I pressed down.

Suddenly, I could hear blades slicing through the air. Thump-thump-thump-thump. My Dad's guards stumbled back with surprise. Leaves were blown away from us, and I could hear my Dad screaming.

"Cameron?!" I yelled over the noise. "What the hell are you doing here?!"

Cameron slid into the passenger seat, and smirked at me, slamming the door shut again.

"Joining the adventure."


ϵ Cameron ϶

"Do you actually know how to fly a helicopter?!" I yelled, over the sounds of the helicopter blades.

She nodded. "Yes!"


She shook her head. "No."

I smiled. "You just take care of the pedals, I'll do everything else."

She looked down, at the pedals. "What do they do?!"

"Yaw rate!" I yelled.


"Never mind. Just step on them, when I motion."

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