My Sire Is A Myth

My Sire Is A Myth

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Vrykólakas By vampyre_24 Updated 5 days ago

Avery Jay is a lively teenager.  Her love for the outdoors is one that she likes to uphold and does just that one day when she's on a run through the woods like she often is but today it feels different, something is amiss and she can't loose the feeling that she's not alone.

The next thing she knows is that she wakes up on the forest floor with a searing pain tearing through her body; she does not know what is going on and wishes nothing more then to die but perhaps, 

does fate still hold something in store for her? Did everything happen to her for a reason?

A dangerous world awaits her, a world she didn't know existed.
 When the submissive falls among the dominating there's no end to the surprises and dangers lurking around.

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I'm not very good with offering a description but hopefully you will give the novel a chance!

MrsGboys4ever MrsGboys4ever Jul 15, 2016
Great start here. I enjoy your writing style. My only suggestion would be to try not to start every paragraph with I.
vampyre_24 vampyre_24 May 31, 2016
Depends on where you write if it's a cell phone there's a tool bar above the keyboard and if it's a laptop you have to select the text you want to change and then a tool bar pops up once the text is selected!!
RachidaAnejjar RachidaAnejjar May 29, 2016
If I were her, I wouldn't hide inside a cave, it is so scary :(
RachidaAnejjar RachidaAnejjar May 29, 2016
Oh! But what happened to her? Is she turning to be a vampire or something like that?! Let's see...
                              Anyway Kathy, your writingstyle is awesome, keep going you are really a professional writer, I knew you'll make it :)
Raven_Queen31 Raven_Queen31 Nov 28, 2016
Man, this prologue has got me curious on the last line! It caught my attention, the cruelty and her strength... I look forward to more of this!
Raven_Queen31 Raven_Queen31 Nov 28, 2016
There seem to be some here and there but my grammar suck as well so I cant argue 
                              Nonetheless, I love your writing and I love the start of this story!