The Check-List for Boys

The Check-List for Boys

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Fatima Zaidi By FairySalvatore Completed

Once upon a sleepover before vacations, Bethany Summers and her two friends make a list, a sacred list to help her find a perfect guy. A list of qualities that a boy should not have.
And the girls came up with ten things Bethany hated in a guy:
1.	No Drinking
2.	No Smoking
3.	No Tattoos
4.	No Arrogance
5.	No Violence
6.	Beard (No, not even stubble!)
7.	In a gang (NO!)
8.	Hates reading
9.	Poor Grades
10.	Born in December

Enter devil-esque Brax Weston Hunter. He defies her list, he scares her, he is dark and mysterious, he is exactly what she is not looking for. And Bethany swears not to even talk to him unless Brax ends up saving her life.

Presenting a check-list for the kind of boy you should not date. But go tell that to Destiny!

prakhathi prakhathi Apr 29 ever comment on your book..too gud for a ll be asm like all urs.. ll be waiting for u to update
I think it's going to be an amazing story;) waiting for the first chapter.
                              I love all your works ♥
AnaChauhan AnaChauhan Oct 16
U mean she hated a guy who wudn't drink wudn't smoke... maybe u shud correct this phrase coz its in the bio as well
TigerJ33 TigerJ33 Oct 10
Depends.....if it was not something that can break the world guiness book of record for the most tattoed covered man...aha.ha.ha
Sounds like an awesome story :-) can't wait for the first chapter :-D
nash-vooks nash-vooks Mar 13
Wow I must be a lovable guy, I haven't even broken any of those rules.